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We are currently out of funding for past due rental assistance

While our mission is to serve those experiencing hunger and homelessness in our community, our true heart would be that no one would ever become homeless or experience hunger. For this reason, we created a “prevention” program, to do what we can to prevent these things from happening. The goal of this program is to prevent individuals from becoming homeless by connecting them with rent, utility, food, and other resources that help to keep hundreds of families in their homes. 


If you are looking for assistance with your rent or mortgage, please read on to see our current status on assistance programs. We are currently unable to offer utility assistance. We also cannot offer deposit assistance, unless an individual is experiencing street-level homelessness. If this is the case, please contact our Street Outreach program at:


Rental assistance is available for residents of Pottawattamie County who owe $1000 or less and have a notice from their landlord OR an eviction notice with a court date served by a Pottawattamie County Sheriff. We receive hundreds of inquiries each month, so we appreciate your patience. Please call our office at 712.322.7570 or email Mya Robinson at to inquire further. If you do not meet our qualifications, we encourage you to reach out to one of our local partners, who may be able to help:


Interfaith: (712) 322-0531

Salvation Army: (712) 328-2088

Together Inc: (402) 763-7531

Heartland Family Services: (712) 309-0016

Connections: 1-800-432-9209 (must be 60 or older)


If you are scheduled for an appointment with us, please bring the following:

  • Proof of income for you and anyone in your household over the age of 18 (examples – 1 month of paystubs, W2, letter from unemployment or SS office). If no income, a reason for no income for each adult in the household.

  • 90 days worth of bank statements

  • If applying for rental assistance, bring a copy of your eviction notice or 3-day notice. This is REQUIRED in order to be eligible for emergency rental assistance at this time. 

  • If applying for deposit/first month’s rent, a statement from the new landlord showing your name and new address and that you have been approved. This form needs to state what your deposit and first month’s rent amount are. The statement must also include the landlord signature, email, and phone number.


As a part of our prevention programming, NVHS also hosts a Community-Wide Holiday Celebration that allows families the opportunity to receive assistance with food, gifts, diapers, and clothing during the holiday season. This program serves about 4,500 individuals in our community, and the goal is to provide basic needs and holiday gift assistance so that families can continue to pour their hard-earned resources into paying for their housing. This program is open to families in Southwest Iowa as well as to Veteran families in the Omaha metro.

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